Room Sanitizer Spray (300ml)

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Sanitizer Spray kills Germs and provides protection against illness. It sanitizes home & eliminates odour. Kills Bacteria & Germs within seconds with its Spray Based Technology from areas you are more likely to reach. Just Spray and Sanitize anything. This Multipurpose Disinfect Spray can be used on surfaces such as Door Handle, Table, Carry Bags, Chairs, Kitchen Sink, Toilet Seat, Remotes, Faucets, Grocery Packages, Mobiles, Laptop, Electrical Goods, Car Seat & to Disinfect Currency which comes into your contact everyday.  Boosts Immunity for 10 hours Kills 99.99% germs without water.

It contains Ethyl Alcohol, Diethyl Phthalate, Propylene Glycol, Deodrised LPG, Alcohol (95% v/v) content 70% w/w, Denatured by 1% Diethyl Phthalate.

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