Fix It Pro - Car Scratch Remover Pen

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Cars on roads are anytime vulnerable of dents, and it can happen anytime without any prior mentioned time. At that time products like Fix it Pro will be extremely useful for the people who travel in cars. It helps them in clearing off dents so quickly without much effort. 

How it works:

The pen like designing of Fix it pro makes it rich in attribute, users can just hold fix it pro in hands just like a pen and rub it over the dents caused over the body of cars to get dents wiped off within seconds. Removal of scratches from cars never gets easy as ever with the new improved designing of fix it pro.


  • It repairs light scratches from your vehicle or any other thing.
  • This scratch repair pen is non-toxic, permanent, water-resistant and Odourless.
  • It works for all car colours.
  • It fixes surface scratches both for your car and also works for other home and kitchen items.
  • Fix it! Procures in direct sunlight. Apply at temperatures above 45 Degrees.


  • The main feature that projects first in the using of fix it pro is the simpleness of usage itself.
  • Users do not need to spend a long time on repairing dents.
  • Fix it pro is made with superior materials, it will not affect the designing or exterior of any types of automobiles.
  • The material inside Fixes it pro is non-toxic and nature friendly.
  • Unlike other materials, it never gets dim whenever it is exposed to open sunlight or water particles.

What it includes: 

The pack contains fix it pro pen with an additional applicator. 

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