USB Rechargeable

4-Blade Smoothie Maker

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Create delicious smoothies anywhere with the push of a button.

 Ultimate portability
Create your favorite drinks on the go with the click of a button

Compact size 
Around the same size as a standard water bottle, easily fits in a gym bag, backpack or handbag

Supercharged, rechargeable battery 
Each full charge of the BlendBoost Pro can blend 5+ beverages. After use, simply plug the device into any USB port for a fast recharge

Streamlined, efficient design
With our idiot-proof design, simply add your ingredients to the BlendBoost Pro and you're good to go

Automatic cleaning
Welcome to the future, where blenders clean themselves. Just add water and some detergent and with the click of a button, It’s clean.

FREE shipping
Who likes paying for shipping? Not us. We provide free and secure shipping.


Imagine the freedom of being able to blend all of your favorite smoothies and shakes wherever you are. This fully-featured, high performance, quality blender allows you to enjoy the freshest flavors on the go.

Grab your ingredients and go with this ultra-portable, super-compact portable blender.

Detach your cup from the blending base unit for even more portability, and when it's time to drink, our inbuilt strainer will ensure your creations are chunk-free.

Enjoy 5+ drinks on a single charge with the turbo-charged battery. With 4 ultra-powerful blades to ensure that you aren't sacrificing power for convenience.

After you're done, simply add water and a drop of detergent to your BlendBoost and your blender will clean itself with the click of a button. You'll never have to worry about cleaning your blender ever again.



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