12 in 1

Foldable Push-up Board

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Why do we need a Push-up Rack Board?

Who wouldn't want a great upper body shape and form?
I mean, yes, you can do the push-up by yourself but how can you be sure that you are doing it right? Are you are really targeting the muscles that you want to develop?
I made you think for a second there, Right?

Why buy our Push-up Rack Board?

It will help you get into the correct push-up positions. The board will guide you through 12 different positions targeting your shoulders, triceps, chest, and back. It is also portable so if you don’t feel like doing it in the gym then you can fold it up and do it at home, in the park, or anywhere you want to exercise.

With the Flauntis Push-up Board, you can bring the workout home! Our color-coded muscle targeting system makes it easy to use and perfect for any fitness level. The Board promotes proper form to ensure you get the most out of your workouts and maximize your upper body definition.

Get extreme results with less than 25 minutes a day!
Husk Ultra Push

FORGET YOUR GYM! You don't want overcrowded gyms anymore.

Do it right with this Push Up Board. This is the ultimate tool to isolate and build your chest and upper body muscles exactly the way you want them. It gives the best results in half the time of regular pushups, without the need for bulky and expensive home fitness equipment. This pushup board from Flauntis makes the perfect addition to any home workout.

Husk Ultra Push
  • TARGETS YOUR UPPER BODY: 12 in 1 Push Up Rack Board is an innovative, complete push-up board training system that strengthens and sculpts your chest, shoulders, back, triceps, biceps, and core. The revolutionary color-coded push-up positions allow you to plug and press for extreme results. It also promotes proper form to maximize your workout.
Husk Ultra Push
  • MULTIPLE POSITIONS & ANGLES, BETTER RESULTS: This power press push-up is a versatile color-coded push-up board system. It maximizes upper body strength and definition. The multiple preset positions promote proper form and sculpt strong lean muscles. Mix and match various positions for a more challenging workout.
Husk Ultra Push
  • REACH WORKOUT GOAL: You can build up a strong, and flexible body with this workout equipment. Reach your goals no matter, if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced athlete.
    Husk Ultra Push
  • PORTABLE WORKOUT SPACE: You can build supreme quality indoor and outdoor workout parks for public or private space. this features a foldable and portable design that you can conveniently carry the push-up board everywhere. You can simply assemble, and Store it in the backpack.
  • BURN CALORIES: Burn your calories, and build a solid body with this innovative pushup system. It leads you through a total-body strength and conditioning workout.
    Husk Ultra Push
  • NON-SLIP RACK BOARD: With its Increased friction, it reduces the possibility of slipping. Do your workout with more safety with no slipping!
    Husk Ultra Push
  • Made with reinforced premium ABS plastic it will not break or damage easily and can support up to 150Kgs. 

Package Includes

    • 1 x Push Up Board
    • 2 x Premium Silicone Handles
    • 1 x Training Manual

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